Public Mobile signing roaming agreement with TELUS

If you have a Public Mobile phone and for some reason go out of the calling zone your phone will not be able to make or receive calls. Currently on the Public Mobile website they state that “Initially we will not offer roaming but that may be added over time”.

It looks like the initial period is almost over. We’ve learned that Public Mobile is signing a roaming agreement with TELUS and here are some details: It’ll cost you $0.20/minute to roam when you’re not in a Public Mobile zone. Text messages while roaming will be $0.15 to send a text but will be free to receive. Since Public offers no contracts and no credit checks the way you’ll be able to roam is similar to the Mobilicity “My Wallet” program where you’ll need to put money into an account to Talk or Text (also purchase ringtones and wallpapers) and eventually data (delayed but coming). We’re told the minimum amount a customer can deposit into their account to roam is $10 and the max is $250. In addition, all phones when roaming will have a blue “R” at the top to let you know you’re roaming. And finally… all ZTE and Kyorcera devices will be able to roam but the current Samsung cannot for some reason. To compensate Public will be offering customers who want to roam a $25 discount to buy a new phone that roams.

The Public Mobile current coverage stretches from the edge of Pickering down to Hamilton. We don’t know specific dates of when this TELUS agreement will go into place but Public Mobile customers will be covered almost everywhere in Canada. We’ll have more info soon… but this is certainly great news for Public Mobile customers.

(Thanks tipster!)