BlackBerry App World captures 2nd place in global app store rankings (7.7%)

A new report has been released by IHS that gives a look at the mobile app market revenue. As expected Apple is still king of the apps when it comes to revenues, in 2010 IHS reports the App Store raked in $1.78 billion in global sales (up 132% from 2009) and captured 82.7% market share (dramatically down from 92.8% in 2009). Apple has over 300,000 apps available for download.

You would think 2nd place would be Google’s Android Market and their 150,000 available apps and the massive rate of adoption (350,000 Android activations per day)… but no, it’s Waterloo-based Research In Motion. RIM’s BlackBerry App World is holding strong with 7.7% app market share (up 360% from 2009) and brought in $165 million in worldwide sales. RIM recently stated they have over 20,000 available apps. RIM has to happy with these numbers.

In 3rd place is Nokia with 4.9% market share, followed by the Android Market in 4th spot with 4.7% market share and $102 million in sales. Overall 1-year growth of the top 4 app stores is 160.2% and revenues of $2.155 billion.

Source: Engadget
Via: Cnet