Virgin cuts prices of Prepaid devices (plus offers 100 bonus minutes on $20 plan)

Virgin Mobile has come out with another new promo offer, plus slashed the prices of their Prepaid devices. The offer is for the $20 Prepaid plan and gives users who activate and keep their account in good standing an extra 100 minutes per month. The promo is on until March 31st – but more importantly Virgin has cut the cost of their Prepaid devices. They are all CDMA but still good if you’re looking for a phone on the cheap: Samsung R100 is now the cheapest phone in Canada at $39.99 (down from $59,99), Samsung m330 now $49.99 (down from $69.99), Samsung R351 Link is now $59.99 (down from $79.99) and the LG 230 now $49.99 (was $59.99)

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