Video: Another perspective at the growth of Android

A couple weeks back Google showed a video of a global look at the progression of Android over the past 15 months (October 2008 to January 2011). There are currently more than 350,000 activations per day and a video created by Greek blogger Stefanos Kofopouloshas paints a better picture of how Android is slowly being adopted. Kofopoulos states that based on 350,000 activations per day it would only take Greece a month until everyone in the whole country had an Android in their hand. The same is for California, it would only take 124 days for the state to fully adopt Android. Clearly this is grand thinking because there are other platforms in play like iOS, BlackBerry, webOS and Windows Phone… but it’s makes an interesting point of how popular Android is becoming. Although Canada didn’t make it into the video our population is about 34 million, so it would take 97 days for Android to completely cover our great land.

Source: Android Central
Via: pestaola.gr & IntoMobile