Adobe Flash Player 10.2 for Android coming March 18th

We don’t yet have any Honeycomb tablets in Canada, but when they do launch, Flash will be there right along side it. Today, Adobe announced the general availability of its Flash 10.2 upgrade for Android 2.2, 2.3 and, in beta form, 3.0.1 on March 18th.

Much ado was made about the Motorola Xoom, the first widely available Honeycomb tablet, not shipping with Flash, one of the most important differentiators Android has to the iPad. Adobe is announcing some enhancements to the plugin, including hardware acceleration for H.264 video, deep integration with the Honeycomb browser, and the ability to launch a soft keyboard when interacting with Flash content within the browser.

Flash has gone through many iterations so far on Android, and was considered largely unusable when it launched. Since then, performance has drastically improved and processor utilization has dropped, resulting in a compelling solution to the “limited internet” available to most smartphones.

Android 3.0 is launching on dual core tablets capable of decoding high-quality H.264 and HTML5 video, and the launch of Flash 10.2 for Honeycomb will hopefully be a turning point for the mediocre reviews it, and the hardware it is running on, have received.

Source: Adobe Blog
Via: BGR