Analyst says TELUS’ Clearnet “appears to be a defensive move in reaction to Chatr and Solo”

With news yesterday that TELUS recently re-launched the Clearnet brand as an unlimited wireless play in the West, one analyst says this is a defensive move against Rogers and Bell flanker brands Chatr Wireless and Solo Mobile.

UBS Analyst Phillip Huang stated in a note to his clients that “While the launch of no-contract talk/text plans appears to be a defensive move in reaction to Chatr and Solo, the Clearnet website also touts it operates on a 4G network and notes “data add-on coming soon”, which is distinct from Chatr and Solo (both currently talk/text only). It remains to be seen how actively Telus will push the Clearnet plans and whether/when it will expand to rest of Canada.”

The Clearnet Unlimited price plans are between $45 and $60 depending if you’re in B.C. or Alberta. 2 phones are available with data possibly “coming soon”. There is no official word from TELUS on why the brand was re-launched or what their future plans are.

Update: TELUS spokesperson Shawn Hall sent us a note about Clearnet and why they launched the service: “Clearnet is a small market trial running in Kelowna and Red Deer. TELUS routinely conducts market trials to test out new concepts.”

(Thanks Phil!)