RIM to rollout “BlackBerry Total Care Program” for PlayBook support

With the BlackBerry PlayBook launching on April 19th those people who are waiting for this tablet must be curious about how RIM will handle customer support. It’s not like a regular smartphone launch where RIM works with carriers to sell their products and if there ever was a problem with the device you’d call the carrier first, then work your way to RIM if it was a bigger issue. The upcoming Wi-Fi PlayBook will be at carriers but also be sold through several retail outlets and RIM for the first time will be the main contact point of any support issues.

Here’s the 3 ways RIM has designed to provide BlackBerry PlayBook support: Complimentary Support, Limited Warranty and very “Apple Care” sounding “BlackBerry Total Care Program”. Good move on RIM’s part and shows their dedication to the tablet… No word on how much the Total Care program will cost.

BlackBerry PlayBook Support:

Complimentary Support:
– RIM will provide complimentary out of the box support for 90 days after a BlackBerry PlayBook has been activated. This covers the device and in-box accessories including how-to and setup inquiries. Customers are told to contact these two numbers:
US: 1-877-644-8410
CAN: 1-877-644-8405

Limited Warranty:
– RIM will have a out of the box limited warranty and repair service directly to end users for 12 months after activation of a BlackBerry PlayBook. It will also offer an Advance Exchange or Same Unit Repair service.

BlackBerry Total Care Program:
– RIM will offer additional technical support and warranty coverage for a period of 2 years following activation of the Tablet to end-users who purchase the BlackBerry Total Care Program. RIM will offer Advance BlackBerry PlayBook Exchange as a repair service solution. Consumers can purchase the program anytime within the 12-month Limited Warranty period.

Source: BerryReview