Shaw decides to focus on core business and will “slow our wireless build activities”

Calgary-based Shaw has had a challenging time getting their wireless network up and running. They purchased $189 million worth of spectrum during the 2008 wireless auction for 18 licenses in Western Canada and Northern Ontario. The original plan was to launch their wireless service in “late 2011”, then their VP of wireless departed the company and the launch was pushed back to “early in calendar year 2012”.

Today, unfortunately, Shaw announced their Q2 Financial and Operating Results with Chief Executive Officer Brad Shaw giving no insight into a launch date. Actually Shaw said the whole plan is to “slow our wireless build activities”… confirming a post we wrote back in January that the Vancouver and Edmonton network build-out was placed on hold. Certainly not good for Shaw but we’re sure TELUS and the other carriers like this news.

Brad Shaw stated that “With the rapid development of wireless technology, including long-term evolution (“LTE”) options, and the dynamics within the wireless industry evolving at a swift pace, we are currently evaluating technology and strategic alternatives with respect to our wireless initiatives. We plan to slow our wireless build activities as we carefully consider all options in advance of the launch of a wireless service. We continue to focus heavily on the strength of our core business and intend to make important investments in new technology platforms, digital reclamation and broadband capacity in order to ensure we maintain our technological leadership. We are building Shaw for the future and are closely monitoring the business and regulatory environment. We are flexible and will continue to meet challenges and seize opportunities in this dynamic environment.”

Source: MarketWire