Rogers: “We’re going back into the market with Pre-HUP”

A few weeks ago we posted news that Rogers was thinking about changing up their Hardware Upgrade Policy (HUP) to allow current customers to upgrade earlier. Based on the remaining number of months until they are eligible for an upgrade customers would pay a nominal dollar amount towards something that might be called the “Early Upgrade Fee”.

Rob Bruce. President of Rogers Wireless stated in the Q1 2011 Investor Conference call yesterday that “We used to have a program called ‘pre-HUP’. And Pre Hub was a program where customers who weren’t eligible for an upgrade could actually top up with their own money to get a new phone sooner than they would otherwise be eligible. At the start of this coming quarter we will re-launch Pre-HUP. We had at in market 4-5 years ago and took it out of market a couple years ago. We’re going back into the market with Pre-HUP so the customers will continue to be able to get upgrades in advance of the upgrade cycle… obviously making them happy and continuing to ensure that our churn is low while they still have the opportunity to reduce that subsidy payment that we have to make when we purchase those devices.”

The audio file is below that confirms “Pre-HUP” is coming but you’ll have to turn the volume way up to hear it.

[podcast format=”video”]https://mobilesyrup.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/RogersPreHub.mov[/podcast]

No word on what the nominal dollar amount is or the exact launch date of when “Pre-HUP” will be available.
More soon!