Live from the BlackBerry World 2011 Keynote presentation

Day 2 of BlackBerry World 2011 is just about to start. Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer, is about to do a keynote presentation but the best part is that there will be some sort of 3D experience before he goes on. Everyone is getting their own pair of 3D glasses. We’ll shoot a video of the experience and let you know how it goes… plus update you with the keynote message.

More soon!

Update: Mike Lazaridis is now on stage and in 3D. Here are some stats he’s stating plus promoting the PlayBook.

– Angry Birds is coming to the PlayBook this Summer.
– Promoting the Bold 9900 and how it’s the thinnest/most powerful BlackBerry to-date.
– “BlackBerry perfected real-time communication between people”
– Steve Balmer, CEO of Microsoft just took the stage. Bing is now the default search in all BlackBerry devices: “Bing on BlackBerry”