IDC reports smartphone shipments increased 79.7% from last year

IDC released their Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report and the trend continues for the top 5 mobile manufacturers. Apple gains while Nokia and RIM fall in market share. IDC reports that Apple now holds tight to the number 2 spot with 18.7% market share (up 114.4% from last year) while Nokia drops to 24.3% market share from 38.8% in Q1 2010. As for Waterloo-based RIM, they remained at 3rd place with 14% market share (was 19.1% in Q1 2010).

The biggest gainers in the top 5 were both Samsung and HTC and they can thank Android for the massive jump. Samsung rises a massive 350% from last year to take 4th spot with 10.8% market share. HTC cracks 5th spot with 8.9%, this represent an increase of 229.6% over last year. In total this makes up for an increase of smartphone shipments of 79.9% over last year: 99.6 million smartphones shipped in Q1 2011 compared to 55.4 million in Q1 2010.

The adoption of smartphones is causing these dramatic increases and these companies are all pushing carriers to sell both high-end and entry level data devices. As for the OS, IDC believe Android will continue to rise in popularity but also believes that the “smartphone adoption globally means there is ample room for several suppliers to comfortably co-exist, at least for the short term.”

Source: BusinessWire
Via: Engadget