Rogers goes live with new “early upgrade” program

Rogers has officially gone live with their new Hardware Upgrade Program and given customers the option to upgrade early for a “early upgrade fee”. We let you know about this a couple weeks back but Rogers has also posted a note on their company blog that states “Our new ‘early upgrade’ promotion allows you the added freedom and flexibility to upgrade your device as early as six months into your existing contract term”. The old upgrade policy used to be 24 months for Rogers customers, but it’s now bumped up to 30 months.

Based on the type of device you have will outline the dollar amount you’re billed.

– $10 per month for existing voice/QMD (Quick Messaging devices)
– $15 per month for select feature devices, tablets and smartphones
– $20 per month for premium devices (including iPhone and BlackBerry Torch)

Monthly Early Upgrade Fee (see below) x Number of remaining month before the HUP eligibility date + HUP price. you can check out 3 examples of how this works but Rogers gave another one with the Nexus S: “Jack is 20 months into a 3-year term on his Acer Liquid E and he really wants a new Samsung Nexus S. Instead of waiting 10 months until he is eligible to upgrade his device at a discounted price ($99.99), Jack can add $150 to the new customer price ($15 per month based on his current device x 10 months) to upgrade to the device at $249.99 on a new 3-year term (compared with $549.99 for the no-term price).”

Update: Rogers just sent us a note about the number of month a customer is eligible for an early upgrade:
“Policies, eligibility and hardware prices are promotional in nature and are always subject to change. The amount of time before a customer is eligible for a discounted device currently varies from 18-30 months depending on the customer’s previous device. Please visit a Rogers retail location to discuss your specific upgrade.”


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