“BMO Marketplace” iPhone app now available

BMO has just released an app called “BMO Marketplace” and it’s similar to the app that CIBC released back in January called the “Home Advisor App”.

The BMO Marketplace let’s “you gain a deeper understanding of your personal finances” and does so by giving you a few ways to calculate your wealth. They’ve created a “Home Ownership” section where you can upload pics of houses you are looking to purchase and based on the sale price it’ll give you the monthly mortgage amount. A pretty cool aspect of the app is that you can contact a BMO mortgage specialist and start the pre-approval process going right from within the app. In addition, BMO wants you to retire early and bank with them so they have also made an intuitive “retirement journey” that tells you how much dough you’ll need to invest to retire by a desired date.

The app is free and it can be downloaded via iTunes here
(Thanks Payman!)