RIM, TELUS, Rogers, Bell and MTS all make the list of brands Canadians love/hate

Canadian Business and the Reputation Institute have come back to the table for their annual survey of which brands Canadians love the most. The survey looked at the Canada’s 50 biggest companies by revenue and its “governance, corporate citizenship, innovation, workplace, leadership, performance, products, services and consumers’ trust, esteem and goodwill toward the brand”.

Last year the company that Canadians loved the most was Tim Horton’s, but they got bumped to second place and was replaced by Quebec drugstore chain Jean Coutu Group. How about our wireless brands? Well, cracking the top 5 was Research In Motion at number 5 (up from 8 last year). Rob Jekielek of the Reputation Institute said “RIM has a real opportunity to get people emotionally involved and feeling passionate about the company, because they have a strong business foundation and credibility”. As for carriers, MTS was the top Canadian carrier at number 33 (down from 23 last year), followed by TELUS at 45 (dropped 4 spots), Rogers clocked in at 47 (up from 49 in 2010) and Bell stayed unchanged at 50.

The article in Canadian Business also noted that “Equally revealing are the names at the bottom of the list of 50—a gutter that tends to be disproportionately filled with energy outfits and telecom operators. “These companies under the 60-point mark are all in a difficult place with substantial [consumer] skepticism” said Jekielek”

Source: CB