Motorola on the XOOM OS 3.1 upgrade: “Our best estimate… in the next couple of months”

Even though the Motorola XOOM with Wi-Fi is now widely available across Canada, those owners want the latest Android OS 3.1 upgrade. Motorola Canada noted on Facebook a couple weeks back that it should be “coming soon”, but gave no clear date. We reached out to Motorola for a bit more insight on when the update might be available and they stated “We know you are eager to update to Android 3.1 software. We are working with Google to make this happen as quickly as possible. When we have more details, we will post them. Our best estimate is that it will be available in the next couple of months.”

Hopefully they are kidding around when they say 2 months because then it’s not really “coming soon”.

Update: Motorola has now put this quote on Facebook