Samsung’s lawyers want to see final versions of the next generation iPhone and iPad

When Apple decided to sue Samsung for copying the “technology, user interface and innovative style”, Samsung decided to retaliate and sue Apple for infringing on 10 of their wireless related patents. A few days ago Apple was granted by the Court to see Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Infuse 4G, and 4G LTE (“Droid Charge”). This is apparently part of the “discovery” to see if these products should be included in the case. Originally, Samsung said they will “respond strongly” and it looks like they have.

It’s been revealed through court documents that in order for Samsung to properly prepare for the case and have “fundamental fairness” that Apple hand over “a sample of the final, commercial version of the next generation iPhone that Apple will release, whether that product will be known as the “iPhone 4S,” iPhone 5,” or some other name,” along with a the final version of the packaging in which this product will be delivered to retail customers”. In addition, Samsung is also requesting the same for the “next generation iPad that Apple will release” by June 13th, 2011. Samsung’s lawyers say they need to see the unreleased devices that will actually be in market when Apple files the motion.

Tit for Tat…

Source: ThisIsMyNext