Video: Quick look at the HTC Flyer

HTC is making the trek across Canada this week promoting their design styles of their products, and also showing respect to the evolution telecommunications. It was actually cool to understand that HTC has their own design company called One & Co. that’s dedicated to perfect the user experience of an HTC device or tablet. There is no doubt that HTC takes pride in work and that their brand has become known for continually putting out quality products (especially since Android became a staple with them).

At the Toronto event there was a Wi-Fi version of the upcoming HTC Flyer. I repeatedly asked when this Android-powered tablet was coming to Canada and they said “stay tuned”… which is a bit worse then “coming soon”, but not denying it was on a carrier roadmap. However, we’ve been hearing that it’ll be TELUS who will eventually launch this tablet, but it might also make the rounds to several carriers. A sign of progression came a couple weeks back when HTC put the Flyer on the Canadian section of HTCSense.com.

As for the Flyer itself, solid tablet that has a design style like the HTC Legend with an aluminum unibody frame. The tablet has a 7-inch display (resolution of 1024 X 600) and felt good in the hand as it only weighs 420 grams. Definitely a lightweight tablet that didn’t feel like a brick to carry around. The Flyer comes with Android OS 2.3.3, 5 megapixel camera with a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera for video calling, 1.5 GHz processor that showed no lag time during the quick demo. The main feature that highlighted was the new HTC “Scribe” technology. Basically HTC is bringing back the stylus and making it part of the new Sense experience for note-taking and drawing. You can check out the full overview of the Flyer below but there is still no confirmed release date for us Canadians. As for pricing, it’s retailing for $499.99 outright in the United States and the Scribe pen is available for $79.99.