RIM makes #68 in the “PROFIT 200” of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Over the past few months RIM has been negatively looked upon by investors, analysts and consumers for their struggling lineup of devices… but today another report has been released that finally gives some positive news for the Waterloo-based tech company. PROFIT Magazine has released their annual “PROFIT 200” and this ranks 200 of Canada’s fastest-growing companies (over a five-year revenue growth).

RIM came in number 68 with a 5-year revenue growth of 864% (Profit noted that RIM’s “growth from 1993 to 2010 topped 1,367,000%). In 2005 they had just over $2 billion and in 2010 they skyrocketed to $19,907,000,000 (USD). RIM in 2005 had 4,792 employees but increased this to 18,721 in 2010.

RIM recently announced the upcoming Bold 9900 and released the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM will be announcing their financial results at the end of the month and we’ll find out exactly how many PlayBooks they have sold. Some analysts predict a total of 500,000 units.

Source: Profit