Google: 74.4% of all Android devices run OS 2.2 or higher

A month ago Google updated their monthly Android distribution chart. The numbers revealed that OS 2.2 Froyo powered 70.2% of Android devices and 3.0 Honeycomb was almost non existent at 0.3%. A new chart has been released that yet again shows an increase to OS 2.2 and higher – which makes sense as the Android platform has gained greater adoption worldwide and more devices are being shipped with Froyo or above. OS 2.2 and above now makes up for 74.4% of all Android devices. OS 2.3 is used on 9.2% of devices and the tablet focused OS 3.0 doubled over the past 4 weeks to 0.6%.

Although there are no firm Canadian Android stats from Google, comScore yesterday showed that in March Android OS captured 12.2% of the market share.

Source: Google
Via: Phandroid