Microsoft VP takes a quick jab at the new iPhone volume/camera button feature

Apple showed off the new camera features that will be coming with the iOS 5 upgrade this Fall. Some cool aspects have been available from third party apps for a while and they have officially made it to the iPhone. Some features include the ability to edit pictures (crop and reduce red eye) and you’ll now be able launch the camera from the lock screen and use the volume button as quick access to take pics.

Certainly good additions for the iPhone but according to Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, VP of Windows Phone Program, thinks it’s outdated and nothing special. He noted on Twitter that “with a wp7 you get a dedicated camera button.. that wakes the phone from sleep and jumps u to camera. Been shipping for 8 months!”… perhaps Google’s Andy Rubin will be up next and take a jab at the new iOS notification feature.

Source: Twitter
Via: WPCentral