Competition Bureau vs. Chatr Wireless hearings will commence November 7th, 2011

Back in March the Competition Bureau concluded that Rogers new discount brand Chatr Wireless mislead the public by advertising their network experienced “fewer dropped calls than new wireless carriers”. The Bureau went to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and asked Rogers to stop advertising that claim, plus asked them to potentially pay a penalty of $10 million. This was good news for Mobilicity, WIND, Public and Videotron as Chatr immediately removed the claim and started promoting themselves as the “no worries talk happy” network.

It looks like start date for the hearings concerning the Competition Bureau’s application has been set. The Honourable Justice Marrocco will be presiding and you can all mark November 7th, 2011 on your calendars.

More here at CanLII
(Thanks Iain and Greg!)