TELUS slashing international roaming rates June 27th by 60%

Last week TELUS stated they’ll be slashing their international roaming rates by over 50%, according to Brent Johnston, TELUS VP of Mobility Marketing, this “still allows us to be profitable”. Today, TELUS noted that effective June 27 the drop has actually come in at 60%. It’ll be interesting to see if Bell and Rogers follow.

For Western Europe, Mexico, Oceania the voice drops to $1.50/minute (savings of 25-50%), and data goes to $10/MB (60% savings). For the Middle East, Caribbean, Latin America, China, India and Africa the voice drops to $2.50/minute (17-38% savings), plus the data falls to $10/MB (60% savings).

TELUS’ CMO David Fuller said the Rogers monopoly of international roaming rates ended in 2009 with their HSPA+ network launch. “After the launch of our new HSPA+ wireless network in late 2009, TELUS was able to offer our customers a true international roaming capability for the first time, ending Rogers’ monopoly in international roaming for Canadians. We quickly started working with carriers around the world to negotiate reduced roaming rates for our customers and we now want to make it as simple and affordable as possible for our customers to use their smartphones wherever they go, without coming home to a surprise on their bill”.

Good savings to start the Summer.
Source: CNW