Bell to start activating HSPA devices in Saskatchewan on June 27th

Thanks to one of our tipsters for letting us know that Bell will finally be able to activate HSPA devices in Saskatchewan. Employees have started training and the go live date is expected to be on June 27th. We’ve also been informed that Bell will have “have 98% coverage” and all HPSA devices will be available. We’re getting more info soon and will report back.

Update: A press release just went out that noted they will launch “its 4G wireless broadband network to Saskatchewan customers next week” and have “mobile download speeds up to 21 megabits per second (Mbps) and typical speeds of 7 to 14 Mbps”. In addition, you’ll be able to score a Bell 4G device at over 50 locations including Bell authorized dealers and at The Source locations.

(Thanks tipster!)