Mobilicity “National Break Your Wireless Contract Day” offers $200 credit when you port over

New carriers like Wind and Mobilicity have been offering a “port-in” credits to customers of the Big 3 (Rogers, Bell and TELUS) to entice them to switch and give them a go. It’s a good move and for frustrated customers by somewhat paying off the dreaded cancellation fee.

The porting credit is usually around $100 and spread over a number of months on your account, but Mobilicity has created a new 1-day event called the “National Break Your Wireless Contract Day”. They have double-downed the porting offer to a whopping $200 for those who make the switch this coming Saturday, June 25th. Mobilicity states that you can “use this $200 credit towards mobile freedom” and the fine print reads “the $200 credit is provided to customer’s MyWallet account, in equal installments of $40 per month for 5 months, when customer transfers his/her number on a new activation”.

Certainly tempting for those who live in the city core of Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa.

(Thanks Remik!)