Samsung Wi-Fi enabled front-load washer and dryer has an Android app that remotely cleans your clothes (Video)

Here’s the future, folks. Gone are the days of running to your washer and dryer. Sometime this year Samsung will start selling a Wi-Fi enabled front-load washer and dryer that will have an optional Android app to remotely control the wash/dry cycles. Samsung has called this “Smart Control” system and here’s the deal – in order to fully have the full experience you’ll need to purchase the washer/dryer and also have an Android device. They’ll be launching a free app that will be available to all handsets, not just reserved for Samsung Android handsets, and gives you the ability to remotely control your washer and dryer. It’ll eventually do everything for you, such as starting or pausing a wash or dry, view the amount of time remaining on the cycle, and receive alerts. In addition, you’ll soon be able to schedule when you’d like to run the load. The app itself in incredibly intuitive and I captured a quick demo of it in action. The Jetsons would be proud.