Hands-on with the NFC-enabled Sony Xperia “SmartTags” (Video)

Sony Ericsson, soon to be officially called Sony Mobile Communications, has come out with NFC-enabled Xperia “SmartTags” for Android devices. The idea behind these “tags” is essentially to save you time and to make your life easier by pre-programming day-to-day tasks. You can customize a specific tag to perform a specific actions, such as turning off the lights, turning up the volume, turn on Wi-Fi, launch the GPS and Bluetooth when you sit in your car, etc… All you have to do is place the tag in a location, say your office, then pass the NFC-enabled handset over the tag and voila, it’ll perform the desired action. Currently there are four coloured tags (red, blue, black and white) and it’s expected to have these either bundled into the launch of the upcoming Xperia S, or to be sold separately for about $30 for pack of 4 tags.