Top Canadian stories from the past week, plus other news from around the web

This past week started with a boom as TELUS announced they were ridding their customers of the $35 activation fee and $25 equipment exchange fee. They continuing the plethora of events next week is Apple with the iPad mini unveiling, Google with an Android event, plus there’s Microsoft and Samsung. In addition, there was a few more device launches, namely from WIND and Public Mobile. Below are the top Canadian mobile stories from the last 7 days, plus notable news from around the web.

– Rogers Motorola RAZR HD LTE Review (Video) [Read here]
– Bell gives the Galaxy Nexus its “End of life notice” [Read here]
– Galaxy Note & S III upgrade to Jelly Bean arriving “before the holidays” [Read here]
– TELUS removes the $35 activation fee & the $25 equipment exchange fee [Read here]
– TELUS cuts the cost of unlocking a device from $50 to $35 [Read here]
– Rogers reveals the pricing of the LG Optimus G [Read here]
– Bell rolling out LTE to Windsor, Whistler, Red Deer, others [Read here]
– Apple announces iPad mini event for October 23rd [Read here]
– Public Mobile releases the Kyocera Rise [Read here]
– Jelly Bean not coming to 2011 Xperia devices [Read here]
– WIND Mobile to release the Sony Xperia ion [Read here]
– Google holding Android event on October 29th [Read here]
– Wind Mobile releases the LG Optimus 4X [Read here]
– Sony Xperia T coming “this November” to Canada [Read here]
– 32GB Nexus 7 listed online for $269 Canadian [Read here]
– Hands-on with the Rogers Samsung ATIV S, HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 [Read here]
– LG Optimus G heading to SaskTel [Read here]

Around the web:
– ForcePhone from Nokia Research, HIIT sends positive vibes with a squeeze [Engadget]
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– Motorola Posts List of Phones Not Receiving Jelly Bean [Droid-Life]
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