Apple to release iOS 6.0.1 in coming weeks to fix assorted launch bugs: report

The iPhone 5, and iOS 6, have not been without their problems. Since their respective launches in late September, both of Apple’s new flagships have been accused of irregularities and glitches; the iPhone 5 from a weak aluminum body; iOS 6 from battery problems and graphical glitches.

According to a source close to BGR, Apple is already testing iOS 6.0.1 in order to fix the majority of launch bugs. This includes the horizontal aberrations in iTunes when entering a password, as well as improvements to WiFi stability and battery life.

Users have also reported issues with the camera flash not being timed properly with the shutter, leading to accidentally dark scenes. This should be fixed in the new software version, as well as a fix for iTunes Match incorrectly using data when WiFi is in use.

Apple is also rumoured to be testing its next big iOS version, 6.1, which is expected to come by the end of the year. While one may expect the new iPad mini to come with a new version of iOS, it seems increasingly unlikely that iOS 6.1 will be ready to go by the smaller tablet’s early November release date.

Source: BGR