iOS 6 adoption has been Apple’s fastest ever, sits at over 60% in North America after one month

Apple users have been feverishly updating to iOS 6, and over 60% of North American users are now on the company’s latest software. This comes after one month of the new operating system being available, and in spite of a wave of negative press associated with its new Maps software.

According to Chitika Insights, adoption of iOS 6 has slowed significantly in the last two weeks, edging up only 10% between October 5th and the 19th. But it’s still the fastest adoption rate for a new operating system in history, and proves that Apple’s carrier-free over-the-air updates give the company a huge advantage of the competition. Being in direct control of each update assures that every user has the same experience, and that critical bugs can be quickly fixed in one fell swoop.

Chitika expects that with the debut of the iPad mini, and possibly a refreshed full-sized iPad with the new Lightning connector, adoption will accelerate more quickly in the coming weeks, breaching 70% by the end of November.

Source: Chitika Insights
Via: GigaOm