Square Wallet coming to Canada in 2013

Square launched today in Canada, but one new service that many will welcome is also “Square Wallet.” According to the Square Canada website it states that “Square Wallet for iPhone and Android is coming to Canada in 2013.”

The Square Wallet app is currently compatible with select iOS and Android devices and has a goal to rid you of your physical wallet. Basically you download the app, enter your loyalty cards from businesses in the Square directory, such as Starbucks, and put your credit card details. When you visit an approved store you just have to walk in, order up and “say your name to pay.” The Square Wallet links your info to the business – even informs them of when you arrive – then upon check-out you show your face and confirm your name. That’s it.

There’s also a rewards portion to Square Wallet, unsure if that will be heading to Canada. In the United States the rewards program, via their “punch card,” lets you discover new businesses and gives you a percentage/dollar discount for using the service.

There’s no other details of exactly when in 2013 Square Wallet will be available.

Source: Square Canada