Wireless billing errors once again tops the list of consumer complaints

The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications (CCTS) is an independent, not-for-profit, industry-funded agency that ensures the complaints Canadians have about their telecommunications services are heard. They agency was created in 2007 and for the past number of years they’ve released a report that gives specific details about telecom related complaints.

Their 2011-2012 Annual Report was called “We Listen. We Help.” and found a total of 10,878 complaints, up from 8,007 last year (35%), relating to Home Telephone, long distance telephone services, wireless services, Wired and Wireless internet access services, and white pages directories, directory assistance, and operator services.

Wireless complaints led the group with a total of 7,221 complaints, representing a whopping 60.2%. The past 3 years found wireless complaints were the main issues that consumers had, specifically billing errors and being charged the incorrect amount on their monthly statement, and this year is absolutely no different:

– 3,928 complaints were related to billing errors,
– Contract disputes represented 2,162 complaints,
– Service delivery (installation, repair and maintenance) experienced 942 complaints,
– Credit management complaints were 189.

A breakdown of all the complaints, including wireless and all the other telecom services, show the following companies number of complaints and the overall percentage:

– Bell had 2,749 complaints (25.36%)
– Chatr Wireless had 16 complaints (0.15%)
– Fido had 824 complaints (7.60%)
– Koodo Mobile had 202 complaints (1.86%)
– Mobilicity had 45 complaints (0.42%)
– MTS had 111 complaints (1.02%)
– Northwestel had 3 complaints (0.03%)
– Public Mobile had 16 complaints (0.15%)
– Rogers had 2,881 complaints (26.58%)
– SaskTel had 50 complaints (0.46%)
– Solo Mobile had 176 complaints (1.62%)
– SpeakOut Wireless had 1 complaint (0.01%)
– TBayTel had 6 complaints (0.06%)
– TELUS had 1,211 complaints (11.17%)
– Videotron had 242 complaints (2.23%)
– Virgin Mobile had 491 complaints (4.53%)
– Wind Mobile had 391 complaints (3.61%)

In addition, Ontario was the province that had the most complaints with 45.2%, followed by Quebec with 25.6%, and British Columbia with 13.5%.

You can check out the full report here at the CCTC