LG Nexus 4 Quick Start Guide leaks online, shows 8GB and 16GB models and confirms wireless charging

By now the LG Nexus 4 is no secret. We’ve seen a plethora of pictures and a early hands-on review. To add to the growing pile is a Quick Start Guide straight from the source. LG UK uploaded the LGE960 “Quick Start Guide” for the Nexus 4 and have also reveals that the pure Android will come in both an 8GB and 16GB models. Unfortunately nothing has arrived yet on the Canadian site, but that might change as of Monday.

The only other bit of news is that the manual confirms the Nexus 4 will have wireless charging capabilities: “If you use a wireless charger, you must use an approved model and only as direct- ed. The Nexus 4 travel adapter may not generate enough current to power a wireless charger.”

We’ll have a hands-on with the Nexus 4 on Monday at Google’s Android event. More pics below.

Source: LG UK
Via: Engadget, The Verge