Google’s “Wireless Charging Orb” is a reinvigorated Palm Touchstone

What we have above is Palm’s famed “Touchstone” wireless charging dock from 2009, reinvigorated by Google in 2012. Unveiled today is the Nexus “Wireless Charging Orb” that will work on the upcoming Nexus 4.

The Orb looks like a 1/2 sphere, made of “soft-touch plastic,” and has the Nexus logo in the middle. The device specs are also limited, but design wise it looks strikingly similar to the Touchstone, plus operates the same way. To charge your device you’ll place the Nexus on the Orb, either in portrait or landscape mode, and it’ll automatically start charging. The display will have the ability to view the time, your pics or latest news.

The Orb is an optional accessory that currently has no clear launch date or pricing.

Source: The Verge