Mobilicity ensures all users will experience better speeds, Premium Data users will have highest benefit

We reported yesterday that Mobilicity had turned on 21Mbps HSPA+ service across its entire network. At the same time, it launched a new Premium Data Add-on for $20/month, allowing customers to use up to 20GB of data at full speeds.

What wasn’t clear, however, was whether existing “basic” data plan users would also realize the same speed increases. Turns out the answer is, “sort of.” CEO Stewart Lyons took to Twitter to tell us that “Everyone on BASIC EXISTING data will hopefully experience a speed increase so that average speeds close to 2mbps. Everyone on PREMIUM DATA will hopefully experience even faster speeds above 2mbps and a 20gb bucket.” This means that existing basic data users with compatible devices — such as the Galaxy Nexus — won’t experience tremendous increases in speeds, but should benefit from a slight speed bump up to 6GB of usage.

Premium Data users, either on a smartphone or mobile data stick, will be able to obtain “speeds as fast as the tower will go. No other restrictions on premium &  regular data,” he says. He posted a few updates from the upcoming Mobilicity Sony Xperia T with Speedtest.net speeds of between 6-8Mbps down and 400-800kbps up. This is significantly faster than the 2Mbps he claims “basic” data users should average after the upgrade.

Ultimately, Lyons claims that Mobilicity is still  “offering the best value in the industry by a long shot,” but existing users will undoubtedly be unhappy with the realization that they’ll have to pay a $20 premium to reach those not-quite-4G speeds.

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