Samsung announces Galaxy Note II sales have topped 3 million in 37 days

Samsung has declared that they’ve successfully sold 3 million Galaxy Note II in 37 days. The 5.5-inch phone/tablet – aka ‘phablet’ – was originally released in South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Africa, and China late September.

Samsung has high expectations for the follow-up to the Note, pegging it to top sales of 20 million units by the end of the year. For us Canadians it’s been a slow start. Note II has seen a staggered release as some of the shipments into carrier stores and retail locations have yet to arrive, but online sales started. Samsung Canada took to Facebook and posted “We are working hard to get inventory to all of our carrier and retail partners, however in-store availability will be scarce until we get our full supply to stores over the next two weeks.”

3 million in sales for “a new category of device” is certainly something to brag about.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow
Via: Engadget