Lightning to Micro USB adapter comes to Canadian Apple Store for $21

In September, I argued that Apple’s then Europe-only Lightning to Micro USB adapter needed to come to Canada. Most users have dozens of spare Micro USB cables lying around their houses, and instead of buying a brand new Lightning cable, they could just buy one of these bad boys and charge their new Apple products.

Turns out Apple would have the last laugh in that argument. Said adapter is now available in the Apple Store, but it costs the same $21 as a brand new Lightning cable, negating its usefulness somewhat. While still a valuable addition to the company’s growing Lightning accessory lineup, I’d argue that it’s more beneficial to use the all-digital Lightning cable and avoid any of the associated accessory-related pitfalls that may come with the purchase.

If you’re interested in one of these tiny additions, head to the Apple Store and throw down one of those new twenties.

Via: The Verge