Rogers releases its One Number app for Android tablets

Rogers has released its One Number app for Android tablets, making its popular VoIP service available to all modern slates except PlayBook. The company released its iPad app in late September and has recently updated its One Number Contacts apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.

One Number for tablets allows you to make calls from a cell number over a WiFi network to any number in Canada. It’s useful for frequent travellers who want to still be accessible to their contacts — picking up voicemails and receiving calls — as well as making calls originating from your local number.

The beauty of One Number is its versatility; you can instruct it to ring multiple numbers at the same time or block specific numbers from calling you. All calls made to Canadian numbers are considered local, and appear to the recipient to be coming from your number.

Rogers says that Bluetooth calling and video chat is coming soon to the app.

You can download Rogers One Number for Android tablets from Google Play. It is available for devices running Android 3.0 and up.

Via: Google Play

(Thanks Eugene!)