Update: Google bringing Play Music and Movies to Canadian Google TV devices on November 13th (Not Just Yet)

Google is set to expand its Google TV presence in Canada with the launch of Movies and Music on November 13th.

Devices such as the Sony Internet Player debuted in Canada earlier this year and works in conjunction with your digital cable box to deliver live TV and Google content at the same time. In recent months, Google has expanded that content to include parts of its Play Store ecosystem such as apps, some of which have been specially designed to take advantage of the “lean back” experience of a television.

Google announced on its Google+ page that Movie purchases and access to its Music app would become available on November 13th, the same day that the Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and HSPA+ Nexus 7 go on sale on the Play Store. While Canadians don’t have access to music purchases, Google has opened up its 20,000 song cloud storage locker to anyone who wants to use it. Merely download the Music Uploader onto a PC or Mac, set the directories to sync, and wait a few days for the content to upload. Then head to the Play Store to download Play Music and listen to those tracks any time.

Update: Not so fast. Google posted Canada in error and looks like it’s not coming anytime soon. “We’re sorry for an earlier post that said we’re launching in more countries on 11/13, but stay tuned as we’re bringing Google Play to more countries all the time.” – IH

Source: Google
Via: Google+