Microsoft Surface gets run over at 60mph and survives

Generally, the only time you hear about a piece of electronics being run over by a car, or multiple cars, is when a reviewer is testing a new, highly-durable case. It’s rare you hear of someone accidentally letting his or her precious tech be run over, but that’s exactly what happened after a WPCentral forum member left his Microsoft Surface tablet on the roof of his car and proceeded to drive over it before recalling what he’d done.

He writes, “Each car passed by with the tires on each side of the Surface until the very last car. The tire of the car ran completely over the Surface and next thing I saw was my brand new $700 tablet and touch cover flying through the air in separate directions! My heart jumped, and so did I! I jumped out of my car and ran across the street to first grab the tablet, then the Surface, and then my phone which of course fell out of my lap during all this. I jumped back in my car just before 60 mph traffic made its way to me!”

Pretty remarkable stuff, especially considering the Touch Cover prevented any screen damage whatsoever. During the Surface announcement, head of the tablet team Panos Panay dropped a Surface on stage in front of a ravenous and highly-skeptical tech media. To our surprise not only was the Surface unharmed, but he offered to do it again just to prove it wasn’t a fluke. In other words, Microsoft knows that the Surface is an incredibly well-built piece of technology. We found the same thing during our review period.

Check out the full story at WPCentral.

Via: TNW