Video: Google Canada’s head office has everything you’d imagine, plus an Android Rubik’s Cube wall

Today we were given a tour of Google Canada’s new head office in Toronto. It’s just like you’d imagine it to be – absolutely fun and driven with innovation and creativity. On a quick side note it was announced that Google Canada and Communitech will be opening a new digital collaboration space in Waterloo where entrepreneurs can get mentoring, plus technical assistance from Googlers, that will help them succeed. Pretty cool initiative for upstart businesses.

Google in Canada is not new, they’ve been here since 2002. However, over the years they’ve grown to employ 400 “Googlers” with offices in Kitchener/Waterloo, Montreal, Ottawa, and the headquarters in Toronto. The office itself takes up over 89,000 square feet and they’ve maximized every inch with pure enjoyment.

Taking the tour I saw a number of employees, mostly ad sales, working away – some standing, some lounging and a few actually sitting at their desks. The space is impeccably designed and takes up 5 floors. You’ll see in the pics and videos below that Googlers work off the idea of “play” and can go wherever they please to get the job done. Could be the Games Room, Fireplace Lounge, Secret Room, Library, Music Room… or even take some steam off playing mini golf, grabing a workout, or getting a massage. It’s honestly a crazy – but inspiring – place to work. There’s a main cafeteria full of food, but just in case you need a snack they have a “micro kitchen” that’s always within 150 feet of your workspace.

To keep the Canadian vibe, Google sourced our Canadian talent and incorporated it into the design. There’s a Android robot made of 650 Rubik’s Cubes by a local Toronto artist. The conference rooms are all named after Canadian bands, celebs or historic attractions. In addition, floors are made of reclaimed tires, fishing wire or cork. Check them all out below.