TELUS opens 8th “Next Generation Store” at Yorkdale Mall, has a dedicated “Delight zone” and offering up $100 credit

TELUS has been busy redesigning some of their retail outlets. Actually, Rogers, Bell, Videotron and WIND have all invested heavily into making the customer experience a pleasant one. Some carriers have outfitted their stores with a Microsoft Surface table, children’s centre and wireless tutorial rooms.

In Toronto today, TELUS welcomed a few media to check out their “Next Generation Store” at Yorkdale Mall. This is located in the new wing where a bunch of posh stores are situated, namely a wicked Tesla dealership and Kate Spade. Some serious money has been put into this TELUS store and it has a similar set-up to the other next-gen stores in Laval and Pickering, but this one has a true upscale vibe to it. Feels uber modern and classy.

TELUS is positioning this store as a model for what a true TELUS “customer experience” should be like. There’s four zones: the Delight zone, the Expose zone, the Align zone and the Support zone and all have a single purpose to “increase costumer experience,” plus bring in additional revenue. TELUS has live devices, both smartphone and tablets, so you can actually “test-drive” a specific device/OS before buying – something that will possibly curb returns. In addition, to ensure customers are comfortable operating their newly purchased product, TELUS reps give one-on-one assistance and also conduct interactive learning sessions (something they’ve actually rolled out nationwide). Another cool feature is the “charging station” that can literally give anyone a boost when your battery is low – you just leave your phone and TELUS will lock it up and you can go shopping for a while.

They have a “grand opening” special for this location, on until December 31st, that offers up a $100 credit for either a purchase of a new device (including the iPhone 5) or any accessories, but you’ll have to sign a 3-year contract to get it. Overall it’s a cool experience and TELUS is planning to convert 2 more by the end of the year.