Rihanna gives away a custom HTC One X+ during her Toronto concert (Video)

Rihanna is on her 777 world tour – performing 7 concerts, in 7 cities, in 7 days – and one of pitstops she made this past week was in Toronto. This is heavily promoted by HTC and something unique happens every night, RiRi gives away a custom branded HTC One X+ to a fan in the audience. The back of the device is outfitted with her famous “R” logo that’s on her “Unapologetic” album, plus has the city with a distinction of 1/1. There’s only 7 of them so perhaps we’ll see at least one pop-up on eBay.

TELUS is on deck to release the One X+ in the coming days. No official word on the price points. Check out the video of Rihanna giving the device away at the Toronto concert below.

Source: HTC & YouTube
Via: Android Authority & Twitpic