Update: TELUS on releasing the HTC 8X: “We will be carrying it”

When HTC first unveiled the “Windows Phone 8X by HTC” both Rogers and Bell quickly announced plans to release it in Canada. Both carriers have the blue 16GB version available, but Rogers also exclusively added a 8GB version in black.

TELUS was nowhere to be found on any HTC WP8 devices, not even the 8S. However, there might be a sign of hope to those who want the 8X as TELUS Support has taken to Twitter and said the device is eventually landing at retail stores. The question asked was “is Telus going to carry the HTC Windows Phone 8X?” In response, TELUS stated “We will be carrying it, unfortunately I don’t have a date.” No indication on colour or storage capacity.

Update: TELUS sent us an email stating that they will not be launching the 8X, but that the HTC One X+ will be available soon. Here’s the full email:

“TELUS will not be carrying the HTC 8X. TELUS will however, be offering the HTC One X+ coming out this month. We work closely with our partners on a roadmap of devices that evolves on an ongoing basis and our commitment is to offer our clients the best selection of devices possible.”

So there you have it…

Source: Twitter
(Thanks Taylor!)