Update: Winners announced in the dbrand inc. iPhone 5 skin contest (Review)

Update: This contest is now closed. We’re thrilled to announce the following 5 winners will be able to score an iPhone 5 skin of their choice:

– Stephen lee
– isdfoa
– EvanKr
– Kevin P.
– Max Power

It’s always nice to receive a product for review, especially from a Canadian company, and be happy with the quality and look. dbrand inc. is based in Toronto and is a new player taking on big brands such as ColorWare, GelaSkins, DecalGirl and Zagg. They state on their site they are “the boss of vinyl skins,” so you know they mean business. In fact, they have a mission “to give you the most precise fit available ANYWHERE on the planet.” Big goal.

The iPhone 5 already is a well thought out device. It’s thin and light, plus the backing is new and is designed with either a two-toned black or white/silver. Both colours scratch easily so it’s probably best to get a case, or a skin to protect it. dbrand skins are made with 3M textured vinyl, something that’s usually reserved for architectural re-upholstering and auto body trim.

There are several skin variations to choose from – leather, carbon, titanium – and a number of colour options (red, orange, yellow, silver, titanium, black). All are easy to secure onto the iPhone 5 as there’s only 3 pieces that come in the packaging: one for the back, two for the bezel (top and bottom). dbrand says that all the manufacturing is done in-house in Toronto and takes hours to perfect. All the buttons/speaker/microphone/camera/flash are all carefully cut out and the skin itself is less than a millimeter. I put the titanium on the white iPhone 5, feels smooth. The whole process or putting the skin on the iPhone takes a couple minutes and upon first feel it seems like it’s not even on the device, just makes it a bit more premium.

The one thing with these skins is that when you remove them you get this nasty sticker residue that you have somehow scrub off, so I was curious how these skins would hold up. I captured a video (uploading now) of it and was actually impressed how there was absolutely no adhesive left behind – that alone is worth the money.

If you’re looking for something to spice up your iPhone 5 you might want to give these guys a go. They’re Canadian and have done a bang-up job producing some precision skins. As for the price, it’s $14 Canadian inclusive of taxes, plus $3 for worldwide shipping. Another interesting note I found is that they can do customized corporate skins… so you could get your company logo on the device.

I reached out to dbrand and asked for a few giveaways. They were kind enough to say yes. In total we have 5 and if you’re chosen as the winner you can pick your flavour. All you have to do is leave a comment below on which style and colour you want. We’ll pick the winners on November 26th.

Check them out here at dbrand inc.