Google+ accounts are now being used for app reviews in the Play Store

If you do a lot of reviewing in the Google Play Store, either on the web or on your phone, a big change is coming your way today. Google has begun rolling out Google+ integration, ensuring that all users who review apps have a real identity tied to their persona.

How this will affect review quality is not yet certain but we hope, like adding real names to comments in blogs, it makes people a little more accountable. At the same time, it may allow developers down the road to seek out people users individually if they’re having a specific problem.

We like how Google is ensuring that Google+ is tied into all of its cross-platform services, but this seems a little too public for our tastes. Clicking on the person’s name or avatar takes you right into their public Google+ profile, which is clearly what the company wants.

This has also started rolling out to mobile, as you can see above. The integration seems pretty full-featured, though we can’t help but think this is just the first of many such Google+ tie-ins for Android.

Via: Android Police