Chrome for Android to be aligned with desktop version early next year

Good news for anyone running Chrome for Android on a 4.0+ device. Google is in the process of unifying the code of the mobile version with that of the further-ahead desktop variety. At the moment, Chrome for Android is based on version 18.0, whereas Chrome for the desktop is on 23.0, so it’s likely that the Android version will gain features in the coming months as well.

Q. Chrome for Android is still at v18, while regular Chrome is at v23. When will Chrome for Android catch up?

A. Soon! We expect an update to Chrome for Android starting with a developer update to happen before the end of the year, and we’re actively working towards aligning releases across all platforms, including Android, starting early next year.

It’s not certain whether the developer version of Chrome for Android will become available to the public, but it could happen that Google will begin releasing separate downloadable builds on mobile like it does on the desktop. Time will tell.

Source: Google+
Via: AndroidAuthority