Google Drive for Android and iOS gain native spreadsheet editing, we don our spectacles to evaluate

Google has promised native spreadsheet editing for its Drive application for some time, and today that commitment has become a reality. While editing spreadsheets on your phone may not sound like the most enjoyable activity, Google Docs has become the de facto collaborative space for many users, and being able to make small changes to existing data cells, or to view a completed one submitted by a colleague, may prove to be a huge boon to productivity.

Google Drive already supports word document creation in the app, so the adding Sheets support (the new name of Google’s spreadsheets) is another piece of a very important puzzle as the company competes against Office 365 and other cloud-based office suite products.

The integration is quite comprehensive, too, and is available on both Android and iOS. Apple’s platform also gets the ability to upload to Drive from the “Open in…” menu in other apps, while Android users can pin a specific file or folder to the desktop for quick access. Sounds lovely.

Download Google Drive for Android and iOS.

Via: Android Police