BBM Video confirmed in new Dev Alpha build?

RIM is holding BlackBerry 10’s secrets pretty close to its chest, but it’s also doing everything it can to ensure developers have the tools they need to build great apps for the platform’s launch in January.

The latest build of Dev Alpha software, which is used by developers to test their apps and API integration, contains references to BBM Video – something that CEO Thorsten Heins spoke about earlier this year. While it was previously assumed that BlackBerry Messenger would transition from a text-based medium to a more full-featured voice- and video client, findings by CrackBerry all but confirm the inclusion of BBM Video. The PlayBook tablet received its video calling in its first major software update, so we know the infrastructure is there.

BBM for BlackBerry 10 stands a good chance of becoming another popular IM client if the platform is adopted in wide numbers. iMessage, WhatsApp, Kik and other services are eating into BBM’s 50+ million users, so it’s important that BBM for BB10 gets everything right, from the start.

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Via: CrackBerry