Facebook rolls out automatic photo uploads on iOS and Android

Facebook has been privately testing automatic photo uploads for iOS and Android since August, but today it is rolling out the feature to its 500+ million mobile users. Unlike Google+, the app will not proceed with the uploads unless you explicitly open the app, and you can choose whether to do so on 3G/LTE or only over WiFi.

The feature, titled Photo Sync, uploads photos to a private folder, but can easily be made shared to your timeline with a couple taps.

Photo Sync appears to have been included in the mobile apps already; Facebook merely flipped a switch in the backend to turn it on. While there are many services vying for the same space — Google+ and Dropbox are notable examples — Facebook clearly has the market share lead to make this feature stick.

The feature is rolling out in the coming days, so if you don’t see it in your Facebook app settings, try again in a little bit.

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Source: Facebook
Via: The Verge