You can now buy an unlocked iPhone 5 at Canadian Apple Stores

The iPhone 5 went on sale in Canada on September 21st. Thousands flocked to the score the latest Apple device and lineups once again happened. If you visited any of the 20+ Canadian Apple Stores you were probably informed that you could buy the device, but it was locked to a carrier (Rogers, Bell or TELUS). If you wanted an unlocked iPhone 5 you had to purchase it directly from the Apple online store.

Now, after a couple months of being available, you can walk into your closest Apple Store an pick up an unlocked iPhone 5, then simply walk out. The prices are the same. Apparently before 4PM you can purchase a maximum of 2 iPhone 5s, after 4PM you’ll have to reserve online via the Apple Canada site for next day in-store pick-up.

Source: Apple Canada
Via: iPhoneInCanada, Twitter